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Do you ever inflict unwanted memories?
don't pull the carpet from under me.
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01.16.11(no subject)
Jonas special


I applied for a library aide position at an elementary and I just got the email that I GOT IT!! hahaha, this is great!


in other news, I might have to take off my piercing-it going to feel so weird.
09.24.10(no subject)
Bo promo
fuck, I forgot the name of the website that is a collection of recipes with pictures.
omg, it's on the tip of my tongue.

anyone know what the hell I'm talking about?
09.17.10(no subject)
Pee Wee LOL
idiot neighbor doesn't know how to back out of his driveway. He dented the car door of the people whom he rents too. LOFUCKINGL He totally felt like an idiot I'm sure, both me and my mom saw. lololololololol

I hate this fucking asshole.
08.31.10(no subject)
Jonas Bjerre shake
I'm watching Everybody's Fine and it's such a depressing movie goddamn. :'(
Bo promo



Following the great performance at Zune L.A. (Mewseum), was the Troubadour show on Tuesday (09.01.09). Now I've got to say this crowd was, idk-so people there were so fucking loud and just...needed to stfu. The opening band, Luke Top, were so damn boring. It was a half hour song named "OoooooooOOOOOh" because that's all he fucking sang. >:[

Onto the good stuff. Before heading to the stage, I bought 2 Mew shirts and a keychain, nice nice.

As you can see from the picture on top, that was their setlist. They played White Lips Kissed, one of my all time favorite songs of theirs. :') They also played Beach for the first time!

Here some pics from the show via my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15888088@N04/sets/72157622214014762/

and videos:
Beach (first time played live)
Sometimes Life Isn't Easy (part 1), Sometimes Life Isn't Easy (part 2)

I missed my night class to go to this, I'm confused as fuck and way behind but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am tempted to make the 1.5 hr + drive to Costa Mesa to see them play wonderful music again. Apparently they'll be back in the US next year, winter/spring and you best believe I will be at the CA show.
06.25.09(no subject)
Jonas special
omg spinner.com has Repeaterbeater as the mp3 of the day.

Frengers rejoice!

04.29.09(no subject)
dylan moran, black books
I haven't even paid for my shoes and they're already falling apart. >:(
dylan moran, black books
I have to turn in my laptop to the Apple people so that they can fix it or see if there is anything wrong with its optical drive. But it's going to take 2-3 days!!! kill me now! So I'm going to take it back today, after I backup my data. I have a fuck load of homework to do. I'm going to end up going to school tomorrow and hopefully they actually have the lab open, unlike last weekend.

I have to charge my ipod one last time and update my music. Now I'll have to use the PC to check my shit, god how I hate that computer.
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